1995 GMC Vandura 3500 Questions

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The one on driver seat is badly faded
This is a new thing. My truck stalls when coming to a stop. It seems the faster/harder the braking = stall but other times if I brake lightly and allow for a long distance to slow to a stop (eg coming to a light) it will not stall.

Any ideas?

The speedometer sensor on my 1995 G3500 gmc was changed and the speedometer and brake lights worked fine for 2 days. Neither the speedometer nor the brake lights are working now. Is there a reason for these to break down at the same time? The bulbs look fine. They light up when I turn on the headlights.

The fuel gauge is not working properly. The fuel pump pressure is at 17pounds, it is supposed to be 18 pounds. Do you recommend to change the fuel pump?
Noise disappears when I slightly depress the brake pedal.
I have replaced the pads, calipers, master cylinder last month. The noise persists. Not the rears. I have pulled the wheel assembly to check the bearings and there is no problem there. Noise comes on after running for a few minutes. Braking is fine, good even. no pull. no squeal or grinding. Just a clicking once per revolution. Both wheels.
Has new plugs, wires, distributor cap, ignition coil and rotor button.
I just replaced the fuel filter, EGR valve, PCV valve, and Engine Coolant Sensor. There is a very loud suction sound coming from carburator (Fuel Injected). Engine starts, idles for a few seconds then quits. What could it be?
I replaced a fuel pump in my 1995 Gmc Vandura and it still acts like it gets no gas but it will crank with starter fluid but wont stay on is there a reset button or what should i do thanks
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