1993 GMC Vandura 2500 Questions

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Sometimes it runs great but sometimes the gouges go crazy it wont shift automatically and the windows don't work and the abs light is on check engine and emergency brake
What seems to make the problem better or worse? After you drive and stop and then try to leave again is when it hsppens most
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
Driver side window won't go down from master switch but passenger window will but stops and starts back it's worst when it's cold outside
The rear u joint, the rear yok, and the output seal, and I'm leaking trany fluid, the van won't go into second gear
Can you give me a sequence?
How do I support window and frame?
How does the motor gear install ?
How do I keep Reg. spring engaged?
Any other tips?

The window stopped 1/4 up but after cooling down it again works. I have the new motor to install and have the panel off.
I push the gas pedal and my van tends to choke and I hear a small knocking.
I think it should be lower 12 or 14 amps.It may have ruined the relay and control also
First van started cutting off during acceleration, had similar problem with same model pickup, so I changed fuel filter. So it ran about the same cutting off a few times, then after a short stop at store, van would not start. Thought it must be fuel pump. But as I prepared to change it I checked gas line at filter and have a strong stream with switch on. Need some ideas?
I have a 1993 GMC Vandura, 5L v8 with an intermittent electrical/starting problem.

It developed the problem a few years ago. It ran fine and was turned off normally, but nothing happened when I inserted the key to restart- no power, no nothing. I checked all fuses, tightened the battery connections, let it sit, checked the accessible wiring (no loose wires found) and checked the battery.

When I disconnected and reconnected the positive battery cable it started right up and worked fine for a few days but the problem became more frequent over a couple of weeks. No real pattern- short or long stops, after short or long drives- it just seemed random but became more frequent.

Every time it happened, the disconnect/reconnect fix worked immediately but eventually it happened almost every time I tried to start the van. I took it in to the local electrical wizard who said he tried everything he could think of (except swapping out parts) and he couldn't find the source of the problem- but when I got it back, it worked fine for two summers.

It started having the same problem a week ago. The disconnect/reconnect fix worked fine the first few times, but the last time it did not respond at first. I checked the connections I could reach and tried disconnecting a few times. Finally there was a small spark when I reconnected the positive terminal and a slight, short, "humming/whirring" noise when the key was inserted- it started right up.

Help! Any ideas?

Other stuff:
I changed the distributor cap/rotor a few months before the first time it had a problem. The vehicle has some play in the shift lever, and something in the ignition switch or keyway is a little worn- the key can be removed while the engine is in running and in any gear- but it has been like that for many years.
my van will start with starting fluid but not without it. I changed plugs, wires,cap, and rotor also changed fuel filter and it seems like it is starving for fuel. will run ok when started but wont start. It also wants to stall when i come to a complete stop but only then any body have any ideas
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