1992 GMC Vandura 2500 Questions

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Several times in the last year, my van started having issues with the VSS. I have changed my battery within this same time. Now I have no speedometer. The break light warning signal stays on. If I go over say 45 mph the check light comes on. When I have none of the problems everything is fine. But, my A/C/blower is not as well. I replaced the VSS and this has not corrected my problem. I did id go thru the local auto parts, but they never heard of it it due the part being obsolete.

I would like to know what the green and grey 12gaw wires go to in the battery area. Located around the battery area. I cant find where those wires may go. If there is some other area that I should be looking into, like behind the dash, I've been behind that as well, for speaker replacement, but that was 5 yrs ago. The dealership doesn't have info on this because it is obsolete to them now.

We just got the van and need the air to work.
All fuses are good and there is power to rear fuse block but no power at fuses.
Hello, i'm working in a ski resort for the winter. So my van did not move since the beginning of december. I didn't disconnect the battery so it's flat. But i'm charging it this 2 days and i am still not able to start the van. While it's charging the hazard light are flashing for a minute then stop for a fews minutes et does it again. Is there someone who know when i can't start my engine??
I just recently had the radiator and thermostat replaced but now I am leaking water from somewhere. I have tied a rag around cap and it doesn't leak. Put card board underneath van and found no leaks. I have also checked my oil to see if it is cloudy and it is in good shape. I will let it run during these checks(except for checking oil). I don't know where else to look. I can drive 5 miles down the road, come back, let it cool and then check it. At that time it is low on water.
van has only 123,510 miles on it-beautiful,like new interior with electric queen size bed in rear !! and many other extras
The previous owner did not take care f exterior...
I can drive maybe up to 5 miles, cut the van off and it will not crank. It will turn over but will not start. After it sits a long time Then I can crank it back up. It has been running a little rough too. Sometimes when I crank it, it will idle up and down. Not sure but I may have more than one problem with it. Please, any help will be appreciated. I have had this van a long time and I plan on having it a lot longer. Thank you
smission.Why are the bolts hitting something inside the transmission?
Wont starter less than yr. replacef fuel filter by tank no start bought whole fuel pump assembly gas came upd to injector area then quit used starter fluid still wont start fuses checked non burnt put testet seems now no power from pump to engine?? Is there
another fuel filter somewhere? wiring problem? New plugs placed still no start..could it be rotor? Wiring harness? Distributor? Frustrating!!
Where is fuel shut off switch located
need help with the sequence also when im driving the van shuts off what can i do
when I leave for work its fine . when I slow down to get off the hiway. stop to turn the moter starts knocking. I think its the rocker arm. so I want to check them.
It's stuck in the down position and won't come up... And I just put it down two days ago...
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