1991 GMC Vandura 2500 Questions

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is there another sensor and where oil pressure gauge needle go all the way up
There's no sound at all
How long have you had this problem? Since owning it -2 years
R 12 or 134a
this is manual
Does the black cover pop of , or do I need to unscrew the whole box
I changed the vehicle speed sensor(vss).....still not workin. And all fuses are good two weeks ago I received this van from a friend. It has been sitting since july 2014. I was driving from Cocoa Beach, Fl to Jacksonville, Fl...the van died after about 120 miles. All symptoms pointed to a fuel problem.

Well I played the throw parts at it until it runs and this is everything I did to it, all new parts:

fuel pump
fuel filter
fuel pressure regulator
throttle position sensor
spark plugs and wires
distributor cap and rotor
o2 sensor

Fuel pump was last thing I did. After doing the fuel pump, the van fired up and ran great.

I ran the van for about two weeks, until yesterday. As I was going down the road, the van started jerking and trying to stall out like it did last time. It finally stalled out and would not restart. I tried to restart too much and drained the battery. Called tow truck and had it brought back to the house.

Charged the battery over night, then this morning turned the key to see if I hear the fuel pump. I hear it just fine. Took off the air cleaner to see if fuel was spraying from injectors and it sprays fine. A mechanic friend of mine (actual owner of the van) said check for spark.

I took off a plug wire and put a tester on there and had no spark. Since I had already changed out distributor cap and rotor, I figured, why not change out the ignition coil. So I did that today and just to be safe, I put in a brand new battery.

The van turns over, but still not start and it appears no spark either based on spark tester. Definitely need some help here now.

Thanks...when I figure out exactly what the problem is via your suggestions, I will post an update.
Reverse acts and feels like it wants to work, but doesn't.
I have had battery tested, plenty of power. What usually happens is I let the van sit for a while, and come back later and it will start no problem. I would leave it when I get to work, then it will start when I am off. But, when I turn it off and then try to restart, most often I get nothing. No click, no dimming of lights, just a turn and nothing. Some suggested its the Starter, but I dont know why it will start if given time. Someone said my Silonoid still works, and that this wouldnt be an alternator issue since battery charge is fine. Any ideas?
do I need to change the complete a/c compressor unit? I heard I would need to 'recalibrate' if I just change the clutch, is this true and if so what is involved?
It has what seems to be a vacum leak but all hoses are dies at low idel. Unable to drive engine dice when put in gear. Possible MAP where it where it is.
It's leaking from the front of the engine I thought it was a freeze plug, the water seemed to be leaking from there, but now it's seems to be coming from the power steering pump but that's impossible, there is a mounting plate in the way and I can't tell where it coming from, anyone have any ideas, please help I need my van. Thanks M.Premo
I just purchased a 1991 GMC Vandura Starcraft and I am looking for places I can go to get replacement parts and accessories such as door trim, running boards, ladder, handles, switches, badges. What are your suggestions?
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