1990 GMC Vandura 1500 Questions

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replaced power steering pump twice, fluid goes light tan in color,brakes and steering almost fail in a mater of 2-3 days,master cyl seems to retain fluid and normal color.This is a 3500 cube van with a 350 engine, my Midas Brake mechanic is baffled so am I can not travel very far like this
Would all the coolant drain out from the bottom of the radiator?.
We keep replacing the battery but none of them have held a charge. The auto shop says there's nothing wrong but we have to charge the battery if we want to use it. Sometimes we can be somewhere and the van has ran good up to that point but if we turn it off, it won't start again. I am not sure if it is 5.7L V8, or 5.0L V8.
My Vandura runs perfectly when first started running in Open Loop and doesn't miss at idle or at high RPM. Once the van reaches operating temp and goes into closed loop, it hesitates and backfires when pressing more on the pedal. A very slow increase in RPM will not cause it to backfire or miss. This is all in park position and when it is in drive, I can't get it out of the driveway without backfiring or stalling under a load.

I added Techron to it last year and the problem went away after 2 hours of running in the drive with some idling and accelarating. This problem din't occur again for the whole summer until last fall and Techron didn't work this time.

There is no engine light or any indication there is a problem. What is causing this?

i have a gmc van 1989 it idles fast put in plug wires tps and map sencer and it steel idles around 2000 rpm
How do you install a netraul safety switch on a 88-91 gmc van
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