1999 GMC Suburban 2500 Questions

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I have 3 wire harnesses hanging below either the actuator or front differential they won't connect to each other and my 4 wheel drive will not stay locked in makes loud popping noise while in four wheel drive.. also service 4 wheel drive light goes on and off. Im not sure how to get it working properly thanks for any answers if yall can help a girl out! of
Large engine model. looking for the fuse but not labeled unless aux
All the time.
I have had to prime my suburban for awhile now to get it to start then the other day I was driving and it just died on me. Had to have it towed back to my house. Was able to get it to start the next day and it idled fine but as soon as I put it in gear and tried to drive it died after about 15 feet. Now I am unable to start it again and I don't know whats wrong with it. Help me please
Wont start, and I believe its the injectors. I just replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. Its Getting gas all the way up to the injectors.
Turns over although wont fully engage. Battery is 2 yrs old and starter is one year old.
why is the engine ticking each time I start it?
due to abs system the regular grinding sound has started, I tried removing fuse for abs, still regular driving. Is is safe to drive, what are consequences of driving with continued grinding sound?
My ABS light has been on awhile, and now there is a repetitive grinding sound. I was told this would eventually happen. Can this be fixed without reinstating the anti lock brakes?
My 99 Suburban with a 454 drove fine until I tried to pull my 6500 pound camper. Engin light came on and had no power. Now it can still drive OK as long as I'm not pulling anything. Codekey says P0171 "too lean" + P0174 + P0171 pd
How do we replace a seat belt in the back seat? It is a shoulder seat belt.
Dual Air, Front air not blowing cold
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