1993 GMC Suburban 2500 Questions

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The fluid is leaking out from a part about 5 inches below the reserve opening. I can see it leaking out when the car is running. Even more so when the steering wheel is turned. I go through about a quart every 10 - 20 miles. The part that's leaking looks like a small metal cup with a lid and a screw on top. I'm sorry I don't know my cars, so any educated guess would help. Thank you!
I used the four wheel drive to get out of a parking lot where the snow was deep enough to get me stuck in two wheel drive. The transfer case shifted manually as it usually does, the indicator on the shift lever indicated four wheel drive and the four wheel drive worked. I shifted into high range two wheel drive when I was mobile, and the indicator went out. The next morning, when I shifted into four wheel drive the transfer case shifted but the indicator never came on and the four wheel drive did not engage. The transfer case is shifting because when I put it in neutral, the truck does not move when I put it in gear. Something is not engaging the drive axle.
What should I check. I already checked the 4X$ 25 amp fuse. It is not blown.
Would have to put it in park and turn key totally off. Had the fuel filter replaced, tune up w/ new plugs,wires ect. Started better, but still has a miss and terrible fuel mileage. Have had several 454's so know about low mileage, but this is bad. It had a fuel pump indicator code at first, replaced relay on wheel well, code went away. This time no codes for bad idle.
why does the brake warning light stay on, even though the brakes are working, albeit a little less effectively than before. I have recently replaced the front break pads and rear shoes. The break fluid reservoir is losing fluid slowly, too.
how can I , replace the rotor on the front right is four wheel drive?
Our transmission kicks into second gear when our teuck gets hot. We replaced the transmission and computer but nothing it still does it. We basically had everything replaced except for the engine. Could it be a speed sensor that's the only thing not replaced or could it be something else. We have a 3/4 ton 2500 gmc suburban with a 454 in it.
We have a 454 big block in our suburban. We have repaired every inch of it the only thing that hasn't been replaced bec@ause its in good condition is the engine. Everytime it is a warm day we turn on the ac and the temputure gage starts going up and overheating. All the fluids are good and we just can't understand what's going on.
my battery keep dying replaced battery and alternator but if i dont drive my suburban everyday the battery is completely drained
How do you remove and replace the radiator in my 1993 GMC Suburban 2500 4WD with engine oil cooler/transmission cooler? Need step by step instructions. Can anyone help?
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