1999 GMC Suburban 1500 Questions

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losing power and not sure what to do. cold air, new plugs, wires. trans???
Replaced fuel pump and sock,inline filter,spider assy and regulator.Will run on ether sprayed in intake and accelerate.After 20 min sitting,runs slightly longer,then back to start and die..HELP1111
I changed timing chain and gears new distributor new plugs and wires now no spark and truck was running when it came in
had distributor unit replaced
I've jumped pin 13 to grnd and have no lights flashing indicating dtc with 4wd system. Light on selector switch lights up as normal after initial power up and stays lit on 2 wheel high. If I go to switch to 4 wheel high or any other function nothing happens. The service 4wd light is now on in the dash. I've also tried removing fuse 2 for a couple a minutes and doing the key back and forth with 5 second intervals..this problem just happened and I don't think it would be related is that I disconnected battery( hence the tccm wake up procedure) to replace the distibutor after I cracked the cap mounting screws replacing the oil pressure sending switch. Is it possible I knocked some wire loose or is it just coincidental that the 4wd system is not since January of 2014 I ve had tranny , transfer case, new in dash selector switch , encoder motor and front diff actuator replaced so I'm kinda stumped. If the switch in dash was bad would it still power up as normal but not react to my commands...desperate for a cure. Thanks in advance
misfiring when in a stop sizn
When making a left turn or going around a turn toward the left the steering will lock for a few seconds then release. You can feel a jerk when it releases. I have had upper ball joints replaced and had an alignment recently. What would cause this?

The vehicle makes a high pitch whine when braking to a stop. Once stopped it feels like the brakes are stuck and the check engine light flashes on. It will go away if the brake pedal is pumped.
repair pit crew said that first thing computer test reads is pass lock system how do I fix this problem or can u fix this problem
Occurs while car in motion. What is this a symptom of more serious problem. Is it safe to drive. Is it likely to quit all together?
when you push harder the brakes want to put you through the windshield. all of this is at low speed
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