1998 GMC Suburban 1500 Questions

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My ignition was drilled out and so I replaced lock cylinder,ignition switch and the key will unlock steering,but my acc. Don't come on. It's like not getting power the lock cylinder just free spins it spring help me
Died while driving about 40 mph. First thought was it ran out of fuel. Getting fuel and fire but making a popping sounds out the exhaust.
at first it would start and when you put in gear it would go dead , did that several times now acts like not getting diesel??? Thanks
I changed distrbutor, coil, coil module, spark plugs wires, crankshaft sencor, ignition switch and the pcm. towed truck to deal to have pcm programmed. still no spark. Getting a code P1336. the truck wont make a spark. Im stressed, can u help
A friend was changing my spark plugs and wires because of a misfire problem. I came outside it look like he took my engine apart the air filter was off and other things. After put back together decided to drive it around the corner and come to find out it wouldn't move. After I jus drove it 15min b4 that. Can somebody help me figure out what's wrong with my vehicle plz thank you
How can I take away the security light ?
I will be having a head gasket replaced on my vehicle. The vehicle will have been sitting a while before the mechanic I've selected can get to it. So, I have two questions-what can I do to "refresh" the gas (the tank presently holds @39 gallons, since I had tanked up before I drove 15 miles and had the gasket blow)? Also, since water got into the block, what sort of aftercare ought I to do to keep the vehicle in good repair, and attempt to prevent future failures?

Thanks ahead of time!

Ian Shaw
dont know weather to buy whole pump and assembly or jus pump.... pump alone cheaper...
The automatic door locks just quit working, without warning, on all four doors.
all four doors. no click sound at all as if there is no current to the switch.
They went out suddenl at all doors
For some reason my a/c isnt blowing out cold air I added 4 cans of freon and it still blows out hot air. What could this be took it to the shop and they said there are not leaks.
What should i be looking at to resolve (repair) abs system warning light.
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