1995 GMC Suburban 1500 Questions

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Already changed fuel pump and filter.the plugs,and fuel injection connecters they were bare wire that stopped the back fire. It starts right up don't have to toutch thgas
went to start in cold morning for warm up, 8 degrees, started with no problem but shut off after a few minutes and will not start now at all. Never had issue before. It sounds like it wants to turn over but just cranks and cranks- no fire up. all fluids good, gas full, need help.
driving the abs comes on then the speedo goes to 0 and it feels like I'm in neutral I slow down and have first gear and can sometimes get it to manually shift in to second go for third and get neutral?
no codes pop up any ideas?
it happens about a few times a month and sometimes lasts a few days at a time a friend of mine says it could be the safety neutral switch going out. could it be that or is it something else your answer would be greatly appreciated
how do you know if a master cylinder is bad
Check engine light on with dtc 32 -egr and dtc 54 - fuel relay. Vehicle rpms go high when shifting to 3rd gear. Auto transmission. Usually take foot off of gas to get it to shift without revving.
what kind of fluid do i use ?
need to replace the a/c receiver and compressor.
How do you test if the heating/air conditioning temperature and air delivery mode door actuators are working properly or improperly? How do you correct this or remedy the situation? Will the A/C unit blow maximum air or does it have a restriction?
Are there any diagrams that show where the resistor is located and what to remove to gain access to it?
How do you remove the dash and evaporator core in a 1995 GMC Suburban and is there any diagrams?
Is there a diagram available with all the ground wire connections?
What is the firing order for the sparkplugs?
what is the firing order?
Do I need any special tooling to change the a/c compressor, Im going to do it myself and then take it to get charged. Also, is there anything to watch out for or take special attention to while doing it, I know the system isn't charged, so I dont have to worry about freon, just trying to get things lined up to do it over my days off.
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