1994 GMC Suburban 1500 Questions

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was told by a diesel mechanic to replace iac but was also told to remove throttle body and clean it all out any ideas? new iac will be here soon..
Emergency brake light is on how do I fix this.
Always have to add oil & instead of the oil gauge reading low it reads high before the oil gets added. Is the gauge faulty?
it sluggeish all the time
I leted sit a little bit now it won't start
My 94 GMC Suburban has been displaying problems, automatic transmission won't shift from one gear to next, having problems with the fuel injection, and it won't come off of high idle. Can the main brain be malfunctioning or need replacement? Please explain what some symptoms could be if this is the case.
need to put more airconditionar gas , need to know which one is it , there are two color caps , red and blue?
I have recharged the A/C system, however the front still will not blow cold air. Any thoughts?
LT225/75R16 LR D tires. K1500 What is correct pressure?
How do we jump the abs system
Ok, well we had hard brakes at one point, then a slight shudder, to a left front brake smoking! Stopped, then found the Fliud in Master Cylinder, slightly gooy..We then Flushed the system, 3-4 times. Have back brakes, but front is soft. Then, bought the hand vaccum pump, to shoot air out, still nothing! HELP! Is it the Vaccum Booster, or Master Cylinder?
what is recommended tire pressure?
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