1993 GMC Suburban 1500 Questions

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Need help with removel & reunstallion
Stopped to put gas thought I heard a noise when I turned off. Put gas started it noise started on start so I shut off
I had to replace the intake manifold and gaskets.and got it to start and reset the timing and then it stalled. Now it won't start. No crank . No nothing
Unhooked battery to reset computer the engine light went off but it started driving very poorly
At first engine light was on unhooked battery to reset computer after these problems occured..before having flywheel repaired there where no other problems
How do I test abs
The 4x4 isn't engaging. I have voltage at the actuator. I do not have a 4x4 light on dash.
my transmission won't shift none of my m.p.h. gauges don't work as long as my abs light is on can u tell me what 2 do please.!!!
Auto zone said 2 and o'reilly auto parts said 1.
I need to change the accelerator cable but cannot figure out hoe to detach it form the firewall. please help?
My 1993 4 wheel drive 1500 Suburban needs a transmission and I cannot locate exact year, make and model. What other year, make and model transmissions will fit it?
how do i set the timing
door locks work with power switch. The rt lock does not work with manual key from the exterior
How would i change the air conditioner evaporator on my truck?
my 4 wheel is not working i put it in 4wheel how long do i drive it before it work or is it sposte to work right a way.
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