1990 GMC Suburban 1500 Questions

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I was seating there and my heater shut down first then I lost all power
I have checked the transmission fluid and it's OK
IT will sputter it wont run long even in idle.
hen setting still the engine idles smooth but when i put it in gear an take off the engine runs real ruff.
i have a 87 suburban. the rear wheel cyclinder went out. we replaced it 3 times. still no brakes so we replaced the master cyclinder and rebleed the brakes. still no breaks. the fluid is getting to the rear wheels but it will not make the cyclinder expand. does anyone have any ideas of what can be wrong an how to fix it ? i really need my ride thanks.
The brake service light stays on all of the time. Is this an indication of a bad pressure switch? I notice that there is a "port" on either side of the pressure switch, what are these for?
my brake light is one and my turn signals arnt working or blinking inside and out.
my 1988 suburban keeps stalling. It starts no problem, but when put into gear it stalls also stalls when backing up or inching forward. Runs fine in idol, and if I put brake and little gas at same time it won't stall.
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