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2003 gmc Sonoma zr2
Indicator lights on the push button 4 x4 are not working correctly. I can get in it and drive for a little and the 2 hi indicator light will finally come on it might work for a day or two and then it will be off again. When the lights on the switch are not on nothing works no clicking from the module and when they are on you can hear clicking in the module I tried putting it in 4hi while they where working but the lights for 4 hi and 4 low come on and stayed on tried to put it in 2 hi and no clicking from module sat there for a few minutes and the light for 2 hi came back on and I have replaced the selector switch
water on driver side floorpan, where's the leak?
People say it mihht be mass air flow sensor
Also for sometime now locks go crazy....she is 70 and don't need to get stranded..... will this cause truck to die....I thank you
My truck is a 2003 GMC Sonoma, 2.2L (repairpal did not give me the option of selecting 2.2 liter), standard transmission. When driving the other night, the engine started rocking very hard (I could feel it in the cab) like a cylinder was not firing. The truck also lost power. I was able to pull it into a parking space, at which point the truck shut itself down. When I turn the key now, the starter will turn the engine over without a problem, but the truck doesn't even try to actually start. Power in the cab seems to be fine. If I leave the key in after trying to start it, I hear a clicking from the passenger side of the engine compartment, near the glove box. The only gauge that moves when I turn the key is the battery gauge - all others are dead.

I'd be happy to provide more information. Does anyone have an idea of what the problem may be?
Mostly when passing or climbing hills
At 55 mph my truck normally runs at about 1600 rpms. Now, with temps in the teens or lower, it runs at about 2000-2100 rpms for a while and then settles down to normal. I have tried down shifting and it does from D to 3rd but when I go back to D it is still high. Once it warms up it seems to be okay but should it even do this? I bought the truck new and cannot recall seeing this before although it's been a while since it has been this cold.
This is a used truck, I got in Dec. and had brake and rotors pads replaced 4 times, since then. Brake lines and boaster also have been replaced once. My freind said there is a little box that goes from the Brake line to the ABS, could this be the problem, if it is, do you know the name of this box, so that I can purchase it. If you think it is something else, please advise
I changed the radio. Starts n shuts off
move. and when i turn the wheel, it makes a noise. Oh yea, and my speedometer is stuck at 100mph. What should I do?
You select even on ac/max ac
Growels real loud going down road Grease is fine Mech says some wear but not terrible
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