2002 GMC Sonoma Questions

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Heard a small bang or crack when putting truck in reverse and then reverse was gone and now 1st gear takes too long and uses too many rpm's before switching itself into 2nd gear (truck is automatic), but otherwise truck drives fine so far. Incident occurred yesterday, minimal use of vehicle since.

The battery light comes on for a few seconds then goes out then comes on then goes out. It just keeps doing it.

won't even try to turn over, if battery gets fully charged and key in on position for about 5 minutes then will start but only will run for a day or two

I changed fuel pump because it stopped working. installed new style ac delco pump assembly. fuel gauge worked just fine before that. new connector and wire splicing is correct. truck engine is running not a good gauge reading

On 2002 4 door Sonoma . And where is the fuse for transmission

We changed the intake gasket the rotor cap changed the plugs. There's no water in the oil and it does not smoke

After replacing fuel pump (seems to work). No start. Pre pump problem. almost starts, To test for spark there's no room to connect test switch to starter. Can I bypass solenoid in fuse box, for remote switch?

was wondering other then oil pump what else could be the problem.

Couldn't undo screw(s),there's a cable wire?what do I do?

Service engine light, voltometer, & oil pressure only things functioning.

AC Compressor went out and I got an estimate of $1000 to fix. Anyone else have experience in this?

It does not come on all the time but for the last 4 days it has been on continuous. Can I disconnect the sensor on the front wheels without affecting the braking system except the ABS. I have replaced Pads and rotors plus one Caliper on the back and the only thing left is the sensors.