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Battery is good .I checked fuel filter gas is following good.check senrior for sparks it good
I can put it in neutral and start it. But when I force it close to park I can shut it off. It will start rolling away when on a incline.
It turns over but doesn't start
It just stopped running and now won't turn over
Hestation rough idle for 5 to 10 seconds. Eventally check engine says o2 are reporting a Lean condition. Replaced pump and regulater. Smoked the intake with no leaks found fuel pressure at idle is 52lbs. Swapped out a maf sensed from junkyard still same thing. Replaced both up stream 02's still no change. Driving me crazy. Lol
The engine still runs but nothing else electrical works, everything shuts down. Everything. If I accelerate at less than 2800-3000 no problems.
First gear shifts hard when cold.
Sometimes engine turns hard (like early timing) sometimes turns fine and won't start, but stop cranking and then start cranking again it fires right up and runs fine. Any clues to these exciting challenges anyone?
How do you reset the brain on a 2000 GMC Sonoma
My truck has a 4.3 engine ,when I start it and let it run for about a minute then put it in drive ,it runs fine but, if you start it and immediately put it in drive it will try to die at cold or normal operating temperature. Then when you are driving it, it runs and drives fine until you start pushing it to go faster, like when you are in a hurry and then it starts spitting and sputtering and you lose power like its going to die.
2000 GMC Sonoma extended cab Pickup when I start it and let it run it run for about 1 minute then put it into drive it will run just fine but when i start it and put it into drive immediately it will die.
have replaced the fuel pump twice but no power to pump replaced relay and fuse , I was told there is a safety shutoff switch,
My automatic transmission in my 2000 GMC Sonoma goes up to 3000 rpms at 65mph and doesn't shift out anymore
It is growling and acting like the brakes lock up when brakes applied. Now ABS light and brake light on. It does this all the time when braking. Thinking ABS pump went out. Can hear air when pushing on brakes as well. How expensive is ABS pump repair?
Had frontend alighnment done pulled out of garage stopped at light heard loud noise shut truck off noise continued. Had to unplug abs module. Coincidence?
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