1999 GMC Sonoma Questions

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Mph goes. Crazy rpm too. Lights flicker sounds like not picking up speed
The truck does not overheat and it runs ok. There are no codes in computer. Also coolant is new. Standard coolant. Not what came in the truck. Thanks
No reverse or second gear what would cause this
We just replaced the fuel pump on my truck and put the bed back on it and hooked up the brake lights and my dad had cut the ground wire when we took the bed off so he grounded it and hooked up the tail lights and now the brake lights are running together with the reverse light and my radio in the cab is flashing
Replaced file pump
I recently replaced my radiator including oil supply lines and it is now leaking oil at the connection of the top of the radiator. What could be the problem?
i need to get a new alternator for my sonoma, when i was ordering the part online, it asked me what amperage should i get, i have no clue what to get. any idea?
This is a 1999 GMC Sonoma 2.2 4cylinder engine,both of these quit working at the same time.
Truck stalled while driving... Got it towed home changed 1 coil pack due to orange/red spark. Changed crankshaft sencor get good spark ,gas and compression but still won't run even if I put gas in throttle body....even checked timing
I recently changed head gaskets, intake gaskets, and distributor. I set the #1 piston at TDC and set the rotor/dist to point at the 6 on the dis housing and when i start it, it idles perfect soon at you go to give it gas instantly starts popping in the throttle body, Not so much of a backfire more of a pop. Any clue what it could be?
have replaced purge valve and sensor, service engine light still comes on.
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