1994 GMC Sonoma Questions

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The left hand rear signal is burnt out.
Truck surges after it get warm,shut it off so it cools down and it's fine until it heats up again.Any help,Russ.
Timing Chain broke, trying to get the new one on
How do I replace the exhaust flange gasket on a 1994 GMC Sonoma with a 4 cylinder engine and manual transmission
oil pressure gauge is eratic. goes way down when stopped. Just had a oil change, and replaced the timing chain/belt.
it happens almost always once in a great while it will go into 4H
how much will it cost to have blendor motor replaced?
Heat does not work. the heater blows out but not hot the tempeture works correctly not leaking in heater core so bleneder motor stuck open howm much to repair.
I pulled the tabs loose on the plastic housing around the switches and removed the one screw on the panal below the steering column. There seems to be something holding on the top right side of the plastic housing containing the switches and heat/ac vent and I'm afraid I'm going to brake something.
is there so trick to getting the starter out its a 3.7 liter 4 wheel drv
how to replace
the blower is strong and little air comes out the vents, I took out the heater coil out from under the dash and little air is coming through the cooling this the problem or is there a relay or sensor that is bad not allowing air through
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