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Was doing a TBI cleaning. Gas came up n out so there was extra fuel to burn when starting. When starting it killed the battery and obviously wouldnt start. This is where it gets mind boggling, I put a brand new battery in and even had it on jumper cables an it still wouldnt turn over in the slightest. Now im on to believe in that whole ordeal I shot the starter in the process of trying to start it.
I forgot to mention, I have slightly larger than stock tires and.polished aluminum rims, perhaps it's a shock or suspension issue, although it does not do it at high speed ?
My 94 Sonoma runs like a champ, drive train issues. I have noticed in City driving, 35 mph and under there is some sort of hopping thing. Is this Normal ?
Between 20 - 35 mph it always hops no matter which gear it is in. Full acceleration and freeway speeds it runs smoothly.
It's been awhile since I changed the spark plugs and the fuel injectors have recently been replaced
Got minimal information from the guy. He didn't really seem to know about the truck itself. He does know what's wrong with it. There's some rust in the rear left wheel well, not sure how bad it is, haven't seen it yet. The front wheels in the 4 wheel drive are not engaging. He had the engine replaced last winter, and the 4 wheel drive stopped working after that. He thinks it's the same engine. (Doesn't know much about the vehicle at all.)
Also the AC compressor needs to be put back in, why would it be taken out in the first place.
How much would the two major problems (AC and 4wd) approx cost to fix?
My truck feels like its miss firing and ist sputters. What could cause this? No other problems at all.
1994 gmc Sonoma I changed bracks on front and the light came on how do I trun it off
I have replaced the crank sensor in hopes that's what this was but it didn't solve anything the engine runs smooth but is gutless i cant get it above thirty and its drinking a lot of gas and the cat converter glows red after running for awhile it idles smooth just hesitant when climbing rpms what should i replace next with these two codes showing?
so i replaced the crank sensor and the code did not clear even though i unplugged the battery and it still runs like absolute crap i mean this truck wong get out of its own way. does anyone have any othjer ideas of what it could be? also if the engine jumped time would the code still show up? i will pull the timing chain if i got to just wanna make sure its neneeded before i do
the cat is brand new and altho it idles fine wen im trying to drive it boggs down i figured it was the egr valv but thats not clogged up either but their was antifreeze in the egr passage tube at the rear of the head where do i go from here?
1to.5 gal a day not in tail pipe or oil no water on ground
will let it sit for about 1 minute then it starts back up it does not happen at regular times may run for weeks before it happens again. I see similar issue with another prev poster. HELP!
starter would not even make any sound and have replaced it with a rebuilt 1 worked fine then 2 days later back to the original problem?
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