1993 GMC Sonoma Questions

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I hear this crackling sound almost like a rustling sound coming from the dash close to the engine. When I slow down it stops when I get back up to speeds of 35 mph and higher it kicks back on what could that be?
While in the shop they replaced my distributor, dist cap, rotor button, coil, plugwires, starter and intake manifold gasket.
I have replaced the throttle body and need to verify engine speed
I now have no resistance in my pedal. Bled the system, with no luck.(GOOD luck, that is!)I really miss mechanical clutches!!!! Anyone have any ideas, tips, or hints? It's almost worth turning over my second born. Thanks in advance.
it doesnt happen a lot i forgot to check the fluid
Why is my belt rideing off tension pulley?
Checking for codes came up with code 43 what else can I do to fix it
it is on a 93 gmc sonoma i am in the the proses of replacing the heater core and was wondering why the A.C compresser was frosted over after driveing but not useing the ac
My 4WD decided to stop working on my truck. I had a mechanic tell me that it's probably the actuator, so I would like to replace it myself to save some money(the part is like $50 at Autozone). I've been looking online for a guide to doing it but can't seem to find one. Can somebody refer me to some instructions for it and tell me what tools I would need?
i replace the slave cylinder the truck is strating but not going into gear i tried bleeding the slave cylinder but its still loose
going down road @55,60 mph starts missing will not throttle unless u mash to floor takes out good when back to cruze speed no power again. will run great @ full throttle
air filter smells alot like fuel looks damp with it
Problems with driver rear brake light and turning signal. The wiring is old and has some burnt wires, have replaced fuses and bulbs. What is the best way to fix this problem
how to remove dashboard on 1993 gmc sonoma with picture thanks ray
The running lights do not work anymore and I have checked all the fuses and wires.
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