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I also can not find the fuse for the power windows, can any one help?
Replaced slave cylinder and blead twice but I can't get pressure to the pedal, I can start in first and float gears, but can't put into gear from neutral.doesn't even grind unless I try reverse. What else can it be or,I do.
The truck was turned off at gas station, went to turn back on and wouldn't go into gear while idiling. Had to start in first and float it home, replaced the slave cylinder and it started and went into gear, with drive shaft pulled. Put the drive shaft back on and blead the cylinder and won't go back into gear. It trys to grind if I put ot into reverse but any other gear it just wants to bog the motor.took slave cylinder back,and got a New one, same thing, no pressure on clutch pedal. But yet I can start it in first and float the,gears when I needed to get around, so it will shift at the right speed when not on neutral. I can not get any pressure,in clutch pedal for it to engage. Trying to avoid pulling transmission to put in New clutch kit, what else can it be,or can I do
It hold fluid,never even. Got low
First and second where always very iffy to down shift unless,i came to a slow speed, but no real prior issues.
passenger side switch does not work?
Morning turns over fine but takes 1-2 minutes to get it to start.
No issues at all once its running and the longer it sits the longer it takes to start back up.
how to replace right front cv joint?
how do i change the oil an gasket without removing the engine?
I have the 4.3 'Z' engine. Do you know the correct engine timing?
have replaced both slave and master cyclinder and bled for quiet awhile, getting no air but still can't build up pressure to work clutch
two mechanics quoted me 500 dollars on the head for clutch replacement. from your estimation, it is between 350 and 150 over the estimated cost for repair, why? further, is it possible to get an adjustment on a clutch in this vehicle? I assume it is much less costly if possible.
While having the oil changed, the Tech said that my hangar bearing was loose. Their mechanic looked at it and said that it was supposed to be loose. Are there any symptoms that I should be looking for? I certainly do not want the drive shaft falling out! Thanks!
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