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I stopped at a stop sign and the clutch went to the floor, I figured it was fluid. So I filled it up and pumped it till got harder! I asked my wife of she was ready and I went to take off.. And the truck wouldn't move! It goes into every gear but when I let off the clutch.. Nothing! It won't move! Before I go spending all this money on shit I probably don't need..I really need just a little help on what it could be.. Or preferably what it is!! Please help me!
Replaced the starter in my truck after it wouldn't start, but now the transmission is not shifting properly. When I started the truck, it was automatically in reverse, but not sure if shifter was in park or neutral. Gears appear to be off by one position?
When you turn off the wipers they stay in an up position how do I get them to stay on a down position
the actuator snapped in two inside the steering column
and I don't know why i just had my heads and my throttle body redone it was blowing clouds of white smoke every time I turned it on or let it sit while running now it does it only when it's cold or low on water.... need some ones opinion !
replaced vac axuater nothing wrong with front
I just bought the truck. I started it just about 2 weeks before I bought it, it ran fine. I go to start it after I bought it and the ignition is stuck in the locked position. I can't move any of the pieces. Not even the unlock switch.
Install distributor pickup coil?
I replaced the steering console and everything was working great, now when I turn on right blinker the hazard lights come on. What just happened?????
Wiper motor will not work and cruise stopped also.
This is my father-in-laws old truck and would like to get it back on road if possible. It did sit up for 2 years.
how does one reinstall dash , specifically get the dash to plug into electrical connection... i cant seem to get it to plug in completely.. any suggestions for the insatll would be helpful
i want to make it the "big truck" sound with my little truck for very little to no cost. any ideas? i very much appriciate it guys, THANKS!
started on freeway loss of power. then at stoplight when I gave it gas died. Wouldn't restart unless foot to the floor and then was ruff. I have been thru ignition system all new parts and reset to TDC. It started drove a mile shut it off didn't restart had to tow it home. it smells flooded. Pulled plugs all black. Now what? HELP!!!
ok i have a 2.5L 4 cyl single cab 193HP and this yr model had the option with power steering and no power steering and the one i own didnt get it i want to see if anyone could or know a list of all the parts to need to get to add power steering with in the next coming yr im ordering a 350 small block 410 HP crate motor w/power steering pump and i also wanted to know about what rear end and drive shaft and lift springs or what all i have to do im getting TH 350 tranny
What needs to be replaced to make the vents get off the defrost and floor vents. The A/C works fine and also the blower motor. My only problem is I can not change the vent setting off of the defrost and floor vent setting. What can be the problem. Is it some vacuum hoses that are not attached are the control switch for the vent setting. Please help me out with this.
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