2001 GMC Sierra 3500 Questions

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Well reset the passcode by following my lock smith told me to do and was still having issues so a friend came over took him 5 hours but he got it started and it now is in limp mode for whatever reason... I have new battery fuel filter system cleaner does anyone now where the reset button is for the truck. Gm told me that the 2001 gmc 3500 didnt have a passkey but mine did and told me a few other things that were wrong so If anyone can tell me where the reset button is it would be great
Truck was stolen when i got it back they never had the key that went with it so I had to replace the steering column with new key. Cuz they ripped the old one out trying to start it . now i get no fuel at all when i turn it on....
The sound came on fast & is almost constant. Sounds like something is about to seize??
Do you have to remove transmission to replace the oil pump seal like you do when replacing the rear engine seal? I have a severe oil leak that is blowing oil under the entire truck underside. I believe it to be the oil pump seal and not the real engine seal.
Brake pedal goes to the floor when applying. I have new rotors and pads all away round the truck, new master cylinder, but the brake pedal still goes to the floor when applying the brake.
have already reploaced plugs and wires
GMC 3500/Bus..When i started it up the brake light and buzzer was on. I checked the emergency brake(off) and pulled the lever and still on. I put in drive and also have no steering/locked
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