2004 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Questions

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Wwipers only work on high it's not a relay or fuse is it the pulse board maybe ?
How long have you had this problem? 1day
I just took my truck out after months of sitting idle. There is evidence of rat tearing. My truck now has a warning message to check the 4x4 system and the airbag. I inspected and only found that the rats ate the wires on the coolant level sensor connector. My AC is also not working and makes a lot of noise. Can you tell me what the problem might be?
I drilled out my ignition cylinder too far, ( in the dark)....I now need to install the case, and the I need to pull the steering wheel?..if so, can u give me step by step instructions please?
Signed...using power tools without light..:(
Truck had a surge at 1100 rpm for a while, then the check engine light came on. I drove it like three times since...the last time I was stopped at a light when my truck just died right warning no bad noises or idles. It hasn't started code P0673 when I scanned it...but I didn't think glow plugs would cause my truck to die and not start again! I replaced both batteries, the fuel filter and the fuel water seporator.....PLEASE HELP I'M A GIRL! LOL
Have lost all sound to speakers, gauges don't cycle till after starting truck, always says my drivers door is open, alarm goes off when I go to start it, doors won't unlock unless truck is running, have checked all wires in drivers door seem to be in good condition
Had truck at dealer and they replaced the ignition switch and the drivers door lock thinking this was triggering it to come on randomly but it still happens. Dealer has had it now for 2 weeks with nothing happening. The truck is behaving itself. Dealer supplied me with loaner so they have been great but they are stumped. Can someone help. Thanks Corky
This is an intermitted problem. Usually it will start right back up but today it would not turn over. a jump helped but it turned over when the positive cable was disconnected.???? Is it possible to have a bad ground in the ignition circuit. I did test the battery and its fine. At first I thought it was a vacuum hose and torque sensor in the tranny not engaging when I slowed down. But now its doing it in park with a low idle. I also hear a funny click when I turn the key sometimes. If I don't hear the click when I start it the truck runs fine, when I do hear the click it runs like crap. this truck also has a plow mount on it. Any advice would be great.
The front left brake is locking up to the point where smoke comes out with a burning/melting smell. Are there any recalls for this? What exactly is the problem happening? The sleeves have been cleaned and the hose replaced and the galloper is going in easily. Still the problem persists. It is mostly sporadic, happening every 2 weeks or so. Any help for this???
another "knock". Like something is loose and grabbing. It does not occur when I shift into neutral while braking. Had the brakes checked; they are ok.
I replaced motor mounts, trans mounts, u-joints. This also occurs when i mash the gas pedal.
u turn on the vehicle put it in drive, about a mile into driving it starts to lose power and u have to slowly release gas peddle until it catches speed, but as soon as u try to push in gas alittle more, speed goes down and starts to air pocket and seems like it is choking. i was told it could be a sensor, but wouldnt know which one.
and the truck goes into neutral and i have to shut the truck off in order for the truck to go into gear, sometimes in goes into first gear and i have to shut it off again and the engine light goes off
The left side windows of the truck work fine but the right side will not go down.
Is there a gasket between the manifold and the exhaust pipe, as when I hold the tailpipe it will stop. Generally makes noise when I first start the truck and sometimes when it is just idling.
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