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Is there a way to by pass the power steering unit and isolate the breaking system, so they work if the power steering unit goes out? 8100 engine (gas) with Allison Transmission.
I got my truck stuck several weeks ago in a huge off-road mud pitt...ever since, I've had infrequent shifting issues. Some days it's fine and other days it would shift a little rough and the dash lights wouldn't move as I shifted through the gears.

It runs just as strong but now it won't shift out of 3rd or 4th gear. The RPMs are so high at 45 miles an hour but it won't shift through the rest of the gears or kick down.

I'm really thinking it's somethiing electronic but it's slightly out of my area of expertise.

My automatic door locks quit working about this same time.

Any ideas? I'd apreciate the the assist !
happens occasionally
Gauge shows no pressure. Installed manual gauge in port above oil filter. 55 lb. Any way to know it is the sending unit & not the gauge in cluster?
No fluid loss abs was acting up at low speed just before stoping
a couple try to start again
Fog light replacement, lenses, bulbs, complete assemblies???
Running light replacement??
does this eveytime i drive it,but wiggle peddle with foot lights go out
It's leaking at top of brake pedal
i ran the truck for 2 days. I hurt my knee and the truck has sat for 3 days. it wouldn't turn over. I was able to jump it but when I shut it down it will not start. Suggestions please
where is the fuse located it worked earlier today but on the way to work it would not come on
buy about a month ago first week was fine. used about 10mpg

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