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Trying to fix my ABS breaking system. I need a schematic.
Years ago I installed a open air filter box that had a K&N filter on it. I started getting the P0101 code. I was told that the maf doesn't like the oil that is used in the filter. I replaced the K&N filter with a cone shaped dry filter. I also took the maf out and cleaned it with some electrical cleaner but still get the code off and on. I don't really notice a difference in the way it runs. I decided the other day to purchase a new maf sensor and put it in and after I drove it awhile the code came back. My question is can having an open air box cause it to get to much air causing the code or do I need to look for other problems.
Driving the truck is fine, but when the truck is in first gear and wants to go into second gear I have to let off the gas to shift if I don't it shifts hard into second gear, what's going on with this thing?
Drove truck few mile light stayed on. Started it to drive to mechanic, light went out as expected. Following starts Light stays on truck starts and runs fine. Mechanic checked both batteries, claims they are good. They are Optima red top and about 4 years old. Notice voltage meter in dash seems slow to rise to 14V.
I have put A crate engine into this vehicle and now the transmission will not switch to 4th gear. When driving 55-60 my Rpm's are around 2500-3000. When I left off the gas it acts like it upshifts. But when I apply the gas again it goes right back to high Rpm's.I have read up on this issue and one common fix was the throttle body. The transmission was fine before engine replacement. I put A long block in so the only used parts put back on it was the Intake/Throttle Body and the alternator. Please let me know what could be the problem before I start sinking money into parts. Thanks
Which battery are they referring to? Have Duramax
I bought the truck used and the right rear window has always randomly went up on its own then will not work at all for a day or so. My driver window started this and now is stuck an inch down. When I hit the switch to either there is no click or noise at all. This morn the rear one is now stuck an inch or so down and the passenger front will not even make a noise. Awhile beck I tried a new switch cluster it acted the same way as the old. It never matters if I hit the switch on the drivers door or on the individual door. They ran up and down smooth and free of any unusual noise when they where working.
the crankshaft sensor may to blame (I've been told)but how can I be certain before I repair and where is it located?
when the engine is shut off and then restarted the fuel gauge returns to normal?
When battery weakens usually due to little use, the brain causes all kinds of electronic malfunction. Fuel low and gauge says empty but I have 3/4 tank of fuel. Codes show miss fire and transmission stops shifting. Reset used to clear all once batteries where good but now it wont. Is brain or components of it gone bad? Codes are P0202, P0203, P0205, P0208, P1262, 2 INC Misfire, Comp, 1 ready. It's just wierd.
My truck will not start. I went out this morning and stuck my key in and it didn't do anything. I looked down and the gauges were dancing all over the place and I could hear the battery drawing juice, even without the key in the ignition. Does this mean that the computer board is going? Do I need a new ignition? I did disconnect the battery so it would quit drawing juice that I could hear thou. Please help!!
The first time we had a problem we had gone to the Dr.and when we came out to start the truck it started and ran for about 15 seconds then died. It would crank but not start. About an hour later after cranking for a few it started. we had a diagnostic done on it it threw a code for crankshaft positioning sensor. We replaced it with a Napa part. As soon as the temperature outside would get above 90 degrees it would quit again. Another diagnostic and the same code came up. so thinking we got a faulty part we had it changed again. Again as soon as it got hot outside it would quit.So we talked to our mechanic and he suggested we try a Delco part that GMC vehicles will only work with Delco parts. So we ordered one. They are on nationwide backorder, so I am assuming this a problem a lot of vehicles are having. What I dont understand is why it only has a problem when the weather gets over 90 degrees. And of course we live in the cenral valley of californa and it is extremly hot in the summer. Does any of this make sense to you? Any thoughts on this problem would be extremly helpful we are just lost at this point. This truck has been such a great vehicle. Oh and btw it only has 48000 miles on it.
Everything seems to be working except the starter. No clicking or any other noises from it.
they get so tight i have to stop and open the zerks to releave presure, thats normal driving, but comming to a stop i but it in nutrial and use brakes they seem to not lock up so soon
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