2004 GMC Sierra 2500 Questions

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The engine is a 6.0
look for it on the passger side no fuel filter there
The front end is giving me trouble when I turn left it sounds almost like metal rubbing together and then when I go on a straight stretch its has a low rumble in the front end as well. Sometimes it's doesn't screech but always rumbles what could this be?
New wires plugs, air cleaner. Looked under truck and where exhaust meets with block there is gas ,lots of gas out exhaust.random miss fire on driver side. Will idle though.Plz help
My truck feels like it is in constant struggle to if I'm running on less HP and low brakes
won't go into 4x4 mode
I have a 2004 gmc sierra 6.0L v8, it went into limp mode ( stuck in 2nd gear ) it has 3 codes, 2 for solenoids in transmission and one for torque converter, garage phoned the tranny shop, they said all 3 codes means its electrical, most likey the ignition switch, i changed that and nothing. checked all fuses and power to tranny, every thing is good. Talked to another mechanic he said it could be any sensor not giving the correct readings to pcm, any ideas or experience with this would be greatly appreciated. I live 60 miles from the closest GM garage so haven't towed it in yet but that seems my only option at this point.
It runs good, but won't start without a splash of gas in the throttle body. I can't figure out what is wrong.
location of fuel filter
I came across a lemon law site. www.lemonauto & it was unreal the amount of recalls they have ! Why would anyone buy1 ?
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