2003 GMC Sierra 1500 HD Questions

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replaced throttle body and wiring harness and pedal position sensor. Happens at all different times and conditions. you have to pull over and let sit a few minutes then start back up and runs. Please help???? What could it be? Code reader says dealer specific code but they just want to keep changing parts and charging fees with no resolution. I see plenty of these on the road and know I cant be the only person with this issue. I have tried everything suggested on the internet so far. Please help?
I have had the ABS light come on at start up - not often and then it is gone.
where is the flasher
I have a engine light test guage it comes up as PO0155 02 Sensor Heater Circuit Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor1)Can I repair this myself? I need to get the truck a smog test but can't because the engine light is on. I had it smog tested and it failed. Can you help me Thanks Woody
Sometimes the lights would come on after running but now they have just stopped coming on all together....
While engine is running there is a ticking noise comming from the lifter.
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