2013 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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Hi guys I’m rizwan and I’m from United Arab Emirates I have my own and I need some help workshop I got a customers car GMC Sierra 2013 power door lock and unlock with remote and driver side switch but can’t lock from passenger side door switch only unlock I checked all the fuses and relay everything how much I knows thank you sir for your information
I have a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE and put some music on a 3.73 GB USB, plug it truck and pops message up " can not read ". I can plug my iPhone 6 in, with MP3 cord and MP3 slot, stream Pandora etc., but won't play USB. It is formatted FAT32, don't know why, and internet gives no details as to why it is not compatible.
My 2013 GMC Sierra won’t start or none of the gauges will come on like the fuel gauge when been sitten in the sun and heat but soon as it’s cools down or in the shade everything works fine
I warm engine to operating temp(210*) but heater blows cold air until I begin driving then works as it should. One heater hose is hot while other is cold at idle. I'm thinking plugged heater core but it just turned 40,000 miles. Is there a valve in the system?
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