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The only way it will start is if you hold the gas all the way down & then it dies. I have replaced the camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, the fuel pump, and the throttle position sensor. I'm now at a loss on how to get my truck back on the road, any suggestions would be appreciated. The codes that come up on my handheld scanner are: C0561 - ABS serial data..., C0299 - ABS brake booster pressure sensor..., P0068 - ECM Manofold Absolute Pressure/Mass Air Flow - throttle position correlation, P0102 - Mass or volume air flow A circuit low input, P0300 - ECM Random - multiple misfire detected, P0609 - ECM control module vehicle speed sensor output B malfunction, P0102 - Mod Mass or volume air flow A circuit low input, P0300 - Mod Random- multiple misfire detected, P0420 - Mod catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1, P0430 - mod catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 2
I live in s.Fl. Which is the kicker
When both lights on the auto 4wd selector switch are lit up the switch gets hot and there is a grinding noise in the transfer case. When only the orange light is on everything is fine. Which light on the 4wd selector switch should be on when the truck is running?
The only one that works now is the one closest to the driver.
Had a DTC code P0171 and P0174 pop today, OnStar said I should be safe to drive home. Codes corresponded to running lean on both banks. Got home and checked it out and found the intake tube from the AiRaid Jr kit had become disconnected at the rubber elbow between the tube and the stock intake box. I installed the intake about 1500 miles ago, the light was only on for about 11 miles. I'm guessing the tube was only disconnected for 11 miles but it could have been as long as 1500 miles if the light and codes were never tripped prior

So my questions are
a) would the disconnected intake tube immediately trigger the light/codes?
b) if not, should i be concerned with any damage? is there any actions I should take?
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