2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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Removed valve covers and check the push rods, rocker arms, rockers, and everything has full range of motion and moving normally w/ no play in rockers. This rules out the lifters or having a collapsed lifter. It only ticks after warming up (10-15 min after cold start up) what else could be the issue? My car has 102000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.
After getting home from work coming inside for about an hour and going back out to take off to go somewhere started the truck with the remote start got in the truck put the key and turned it started driving and realized that the windows are fogging up and a look at the HVAC control unit in the dashboard push the button to turn on the system to be able to turn on the heater turn it up turn it down it has dual temperature controls in band speed air conditioning and heater but I can't even get the control unit to turn on it's all dark there's no lights on it and it won't even turn on there for I have absolutely no heating no cooling no defroster we stopped turn off the truck drove in circles to reset the calibration and nothing haven't been able to get it to turn on since this is in my 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 the truck has about a hundred and thirty-six thousand miles on it if anybody could please help I can't find anything in the forums about this specific problem.
Oil in air cleaner
Service traction control, service stabiltrac. Lights come off and on for 3 weeks now they came on with check engine light and power loss flashing can't go over 30 mph. Go to stop it lurches running rough
check engine light comes on - info panel says engine is hot but
all the instrument panels say normal - truck has 61,670 miles
on it
Front right bucket seat has something loose on the backside of the seat. I want to take off plastic panel to see what is in there. Looks like it pops off. Didn't want to tear it up as it is a nice pickup. Drives me nuts driving down the road. Love the 6.2 ,Gets better mileage than my 5.3 did. Think the 5.3 was over geared for fuel economy. Thanks
does not come on or stay on all the time just about everyday.
Speedometer quit working vehicle has only 7100 miles
I recently purhaced a GMC Serria 1500, 6.2L 403hp pickup new from a dealer. The first week using the gasoline the dealer had in it I got almost 15mpg. The subsequent 4 or 5 tanks of gasoline it gave me 14mpg acording to the average mpg gage on the vehicle computer. I made it a point to drive it conservatively. I am very happy with the vehicle performance It's a hotrod so to speak but I thought this was curious and wondered if they were possibly using regular unleaded visus 10-15% ethanal/regular unleaded fuel causing this difference.
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