2009 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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Must move cable before starting each time. How do I find out which part number I have two options.
Vermin entered the heater ducts over the winter and died there. How much will it take to disassemble the heating ducts to get them out? Is there danger of compromising the air bags with this repair?
Engine light came on service traction control and service stabilitrack alarms appeared engine sluggish reduced power,Cleaned throttle body and still having same problem, what do i need to do to fix this problem?

Hi wondering if anyone could tell me what po182f code is it shows as a fuel temp sensor if so where is it plus my service traction control lights come on as well as the stabiltrack service light
Mileage window reads engine hot
GMC dealer ran dye test and is changing variable cam timing assembly. They had to take off intake manifold, valley cover and special order a new assembly. Has this been a problem part? The unit has 56,000 miles and is 5 years and 2 months old!
I know older models before 2007 had issues, how ever cannot find any problems related to later models. I assume there is a control circuit card, how ever I cannot find it.

what would the cost be to replace the power steering cooler parts and labor
it is a V8 5.9
Could it be a bad switch in the door? Has the two button three setting switches.
Every time I go to put down the windows in my truck there is a grinding noise. Could this be a simple fix or is it more complicated?
when I was driving I got a message that the door was open when it was not. after that everything on the drivers door controls stopped working.
how to remove ac condenser
is there any help to get better gas mileage on this truck ;??
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