2008 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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I have a 2008 gmc sierra 5.3 water pump, thermostat and radiator are new but its still overheating and i have no heat inside the cab
No codes, the only thing that comes up is service 4 wheel drive. Drove truck into shop went to move it, it will not shift into any gear. Seems electrical. 2008 GMC sierra 4x4 5.3 eng.
Brake light on dash comes on and off along with the stability control
Check engine light on
Engine sputter after heating up, keeps cracking spark plugs, losses power and engine light comes on. Replace spark plug 1 and runs good for about 2 weeks and it happens again
coming off the freeway, into town a mile or two, make a turn and it dies. while turning i press the gas, instrument panel lights up with loss of power. After coasting to a stop. No crank. Pulled off both belts, no crank. buy new starter no crank. disconnect battery to try any reset no crank. park break off, trans in neutral tried to turn crank shaft clockwise, no turn, even with breaker bar. any more good ideas? next up is pull spark plugs and try and turn crank shaft again.
I have changed the control panels. worked for a very short period. I believe that it may be the actuators
makes that grinding sound like they do when they first go out, It's done it twise a couple of week's ago and did 3 time's yesterday is it the ignition switch or the starter
We are just driving on the frway in heavy holiday traffic and it went out not working
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