2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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I cleaned ground wires but still wont shut off unless I disconnect battery cable. there is 660,000 km on truck. engine still runs perfect. need help thanks..

My truck starts just fine it will shake a decent amount while in neutral, when it shifts gears(automatic transmission) it will shift really bad like it doesn't want to almost like its slipping, when changing from drive to reverse as well it will start shaking more i think due to the lower speeds. No other obvious things to look at though.

I have read that the baffle needs replaced and is a common problem in the vortex engines. How much does it cost to repair or is it time to trade?

The starter stays engaged n the only way to get it to stop is take the battery cable off.put 2 new starters on works good for about a month then happens again.

2007 GMC Sierra 1500 4wd 4.8l

I am taking a long trip. My mechanic says the next thing which will probably fail is my water pump. It is a 4.8L V8 in a quad cab pickup. I am not showing any leaking at 145,000 with original pump. Would it be prudent to get a water pump replacement before my trip?

And it reduces my engine power and I turn off truck for a little while and start it its all goes off but a little while after driving it comes back on and does the same. What could be causing it?

on my 2007 gmc sierra i have a problem with the driver side rear lights my brake light works fine my directionals work fine but my daytime running lights do not work my question is is there a seperate fuse for drivers side rear and passenger side rear i cant figure out why the lights work fine for brake and directional but not running lights.btw the running lights dont work at night either but everything else does.

When I turn the cruise on the light comes on on the steering wheel control but I am unable to set the cruise control. It will not kick in. What is involved to fix and a possible cost for the repair.

Was driving and truck coasted to a stop, check the codes and only get "lost communication with abs control module"

I have replaced the lifters on one side and now having to replace the other side. I was quoted a price which I feel is outrageous. I just want to know what the average cost is to replace all lifters