2005 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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I left the key in the on position overnight , battery died . Shifts hard between 1 and 2 . Tach no longer works . Engine light is on and it say stabilitrak needs service. It’s a 07 gmc 4wd automatic 5.3 Before the battery died, it was perfect
What is it going to cost me to replace the XM antenna on my vehicle? It is failing and I really like my XM radio
FOB transmitter (0-GM904F) programmed correctly but does unlock/lock door. Maybe receiver is problem but cant find it in passenger door.
when driving my anti theft light comes on and shuts off all my gauges of but the battery gauge and turns off the ac it still blows air and drives fine what could be causing this???
From Day one (8/15/05) my Selector switch has given me problems. 2 switches, software update, TCCM replacement (warranty finally) and now I'm being told that my transfer case needs to be completely replaced!!! I'm done! This has been the only consistent issue with this truck and GM will not acknowledge the issue. HD's and Diesels do not have this issue, I have asked anyone and everyone who i see that has this style of truck. Looks on the Silverado 1500 page with this issue and its crazy!!!
Started about two weeks ago. Today's date 12/24/15
After driving at highway speeds for 50 miles and coming to a complete stop the transmission hits real going from 1st gear to 2nd gear. I just had the torque converter replaced so I know that's not it.
2005 gmc sierra sle z71 1500 is stuck in 4lo. I have change out all parts I can think of. I have took the transfer case motor off and change it. Can't get it back on till I get the new motor in 4 lo. Silly me. My fault on that. Change out the switch on the dash, the modular under the fuse box and the actuator. Battery had been disconnected and reconnected. Anything I am missing? Does it need to be reprogrammed?
Any help and help will be appreciated. Thanks.
I lose coolant frequently but I have no leaks,I also lose oil with no leaks.
leaks water on drivers side when it rains from under the dash
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