2004 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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Ac on driver side and heat on passenger side at same time
I replaced control panel. Charges the a.c. up not leaking. Compressor is good but clutch eint kick power to the compressor or canister
i cannot find out definitely if i can use platinium replacement spark plugs in my 2004 gmc sierra 1500 5.3L engine. is it ok to use platinium plugs as opposed to iridium?
clicking noise from under dash. could be a actuator in heat a/c system. can I fix this?
Dont know. Much history about truck the previous. Owner. Has passed. But i put an obd2 on it an no codes fuses are good spedo Works . I've. Also beleve the trans is good. Anyone have any ideas it sure would help
Struck can not trun down or off unless pull the fuse
will code po446 cause REAL problems to vehicle if not repaired?
Second set of disc brakes since I have owned this truck. I have replaced everything from the hub out on both sides: rotor, caliper, and brake pads. I still get lots of noisy clanking from the front brakes when under way,especially if I hit a bump or hole in the road. A little pressure on the brake pedal and "wa-la" no noise...???????
Driving down highway and cruise control just quits. During those faults the left turn signal also does not work. Switch off and back started again usually fixes the problem?????
The rear end is making a loud bang that garage now says it's the difference is this possible and why would they have not recognized this while installing the new transmission not happy at all could someone please help me thankyou so much regards cat
Replaced throttle body gasket wasn't it then replaced throttle body it self because only water goes through intake is two lines on bottom of throttle body that wasn't leak either and there's no water in oil at all and its 5.3 engine help please

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