2002 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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I have a 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab. I replaced rotors and brake pads and after driving for 10-15 minutes the front passenger side starts to shake the more I accelerate starting around 35 mph.
almost impossible to lock or unlock doors manually with the key
Replaced the switch and still have the same problem
I put gas in it a few gallons I don't know whether as much fuel pump relay or a bad fuel pump or just air pockets in my line
Got the "service 4wd" light, the lights on the switch wouldn't work, also stuck in 2wd. I replaced the fuse, the actuator, and disconnected the battery to try and reset it. The switch still won't work, and still stuck in 2. Probably just need a new switch too? Kinda broke tho and don't want to drop $$ for a switch if it is something else.
2nd fuel pump. Security device or electronic or computer related malfunction but not really a fuel pump failure?
Got the truck started for about 15 secs after banging on the fuel tank and filter, idled at 1500 then stalled again, would not restart after that
And some of the light on dash want show up either like high beam abs or odo
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