2001 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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new intake wiring under hood new fuel pump assembly replaced injectors and ecu, will crank but not start
could it be the vale in dash or the temp control
When I get about 45 to 50 mph it likes to jerk and like it's wanting to stall or die and it does it on left turns and the don't have to be hard left turns
acts as if in neutral and just revs high... what could I be looking at here ?
I was driving it and it died at a stop sign,it has gas. It turns over but won't start, I removed gas cap and listened for fuel pump and its working. Any suggestions?
I just installed one on my truck and all it does is turn over. And it seems like the new key and cylinder are getting stuck on the on position, causing the new starter not to disengage
What is the issue. ?
Position. Because I hear a grinding noise when the engine is running, when I press the brake pedal the notice stops, how do I fix that. ?
It in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or reverse. How do I fix that problem.?
Greatly appreciated, thank you and it's hard to shift into gear
I put in a motor, but it doesn't want to start by itself, I did get it started by passing it thru the fuse box in the engine compartment
Super easy without any pressure
Mine didn't. Now what can I do or what are my options
Did I do something wrong or is that I need to start it up to get the hydraulic fluid flowing
I know that the tensioner only goes in one way
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