2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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The hissing noise can be heard under my hood and inside the cab. I am the original owner and have keep it well maintained with only 88,000 miles has 5.3 motor and is 1500 SL series 4WD Again this only happen when I trun on my AC or heater .
headlight burned out in a 2000 GMC Sierra, how do I replace it?
The truck is running good but suddenly will not shift from 2nd to 3rd.
Replaced transmission and I get no power to the output shaft. No error codes. Pulled transfer case and I can see the output shaft move. With transfer case in I was able to get the output of the tc to roll until accelerator is used and then it stops until you let off and truck is idle. Fluid is good, filter replaced.
Transmission will not catch gears
4.3 - Ever since i replaced my heater core the truck has been hard to start - kills the battery - let it sit for 4 hours or more and if fires right up- drive up the street and back - park it - go back to leave again and it will not start - also, once i get it started i will just let it run in the driveway and after 5 to 10 min it just dies -i have changed plugs, wires, ignitor assembly - I did a fuel pressure test and it read about 56 psi
It is going back and forth between red and green... Still blowing warm air... Should I dump Freon and start from scratch??
Please help it's a challenge working out of this truck in one hundred degree heat..ANY info greatly appreciated
I lost my power brakes and power steering why would that happen
my daughter has a 2000 gmc sierra 1500 4.8 ltr 4x4 . at first start up engine has a knock sound for 2-3 min then is gone for the day. No check engine light visible doesnt burn oil tune up piugs/wires with in 3 mos. . sounds lower end noise not top end. what do i check and how. is it a knock sensor possibly?
While driving down the road, once i get to about 58 mph my truck will start shaking. It increasingly gets worse up until about 70 mpg it dies down. Around 62- 63 is definitley the worse. I just got brand new tires, replaced the pitman and idler arm, its been alligned, i dont know what else to do with it.
Ruled out engine, no oil pressure change. My dad raised the tail of tranny near u-joint to remove pan. Could this be cause of knocking I have noticed recently? Knocks all gears, louder in park or neutral.
door window passenger side will not go down
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