1999 GMC Sierra 1500 Questions

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Sierra 1500

I replaced my transfercase but still says service 4X4, my push button indicator Lite's don't come on and it's like it's stuck in low gear. How do I fix this?

Blew hot air off and on before

Going around a curve to the right, the steering wheel will operate smoothly until it reaches a point of resistance until I break through it. It'll then operate smoothly until I reach that one small point of resistance again. No noise or vibrations.

We have replaced numerous things that were expensive and we were left stranded with no vehicle due to this ongoing issue. I read about everyone complaining on different forums about being stranded and unable to use the vehicle because we refuse to go to a GM dealership and pay over 500 to 1500 dollars to fix an issue GM should have recalled for all of us. I've been stranded with 3 kids on the side of Highway 70 in St. Louis MO in 4 degree whether. Mind you they are all10 and under, and our family is in Illinois. I have had issues with the passlock system approximately 100 times or more. Resetting it only works for so long. GM better step up and fix this!

New plugs wires air filter oil change oil filter. Cleaned throttle body and replaced gasket 3 weeks ago. Had a rough idle before tune up and still does. Fuel filter was changed about 6 months ago. Why will truck not stay running.

Replaced fuel pump and still won;t start.

it just started. i smell the coolant fluid inside the truck when i drive. is this a big problem?

Stalls out immediatley dies.Wont stay running!No trouble codes!

Head lights work turn signals work brake lights work no running lights or dash lights.

The other day on my way home it just feel off/lost power. Today it was hard starting, sound like it was flooding of starving for fuel. Made a quick trip, then went to make another and it started ran for about 30 feet (poorly) and died. Wouldn't start for a while, then 30 minutes later started it and put back in the garage. About an hour of watching utube videos I went out and it started up, still sounded like it was loading up, but if I accelerated very slowly I could get it to 3000 rpms but if I tried to accelerate faster it would sound like it was loading up again.

I see some fluids by my radiator and windshield washer tank

its cold ,then goes cool to warm you can turn off for a few minutes and turn it back on and cold for about 5 miles i have had the low pressure switch replaced and the inline filter its charged and the pump is still running when its warm line are hot and cold it has a all electric control . any help will be welcome .to have cold air i have to turn it on an off every few miles .