2006 GMC Savana 3500 Questions

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I've checked all fuses relating to both the lighter and the hazardous lights under the hood and under the seat and all are good. There are no other lights, warnings etc. coming on. I am at a loss, what else should I be looking at/for?
headlights work only if switch is moved to manual position
all new calipers.
I would like to know what all is inolved in changing the power steering pump on my van. I am very mechanically inclined and just sort of wanted a starting point and what all is required to be removed.
I have the instructions for the installation. I got it from Chilton but doesn't tell you where it is located at in the car. Thanks in advance!!
elect power to the pump with key on, next to the fuel filter,pump does not work. Inj pump has just been replaced and now there is no fuel beyond the fuel pump on frame. Are there related senors that may be causing this?
I have heated bowl, pump on frame.
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