2004 GMC Savana 3500 Questions

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rear signals work fine with hazards on but nothing at the front. if i try to put on signals with steering wheel lever i get quick flashing in the rear but still nothing at the front?? replaced the control relay under dash by right side of drivers already and still the same. please help?
Wheel bearings are bad and need to remove the front hubs
This vehicle has a 6 liter engine & 4 spd. auto trans., has 164,000 mi. on it. I purchased it with 75,000 from a dealer. Since that time I have had to replace the flywheel 3 times and it needs it again. The last time @ 137,000 mi. the repair shop installed a "spacer" (which it didn't have previously, indicating that's probably why it cracked. Each time the cracks develop at the bolt holes & radiate out. The noticeable symptoms are a rattling or crackling noise at idle, similar to the sound made by the "heat riser" in the older engines. Does anyone else have this ongoing problem.
It idles very high that i have to put in gear to come down?? Thank you
it will shift down to a lower gear won,t do it all the time
replaceing center bearing and cant seperate drive shaft
lights in center of front box are not working...all lights around top are..
also done light illuminates when braking, illuminates and flashes when braking with turn signal or flashers on.
where is the location of fuse link for PCM in 2004 GMC Savana
battery is good headlights come on strong, dome lights strong, etc. turn ignition key = slight click but no start.
no previous indication a of bad starter
I am auto mechanic ,i do not have a garage , but i have most of the tools i need ,my question ? can i change the engine by my self ,and how many hours the total job need + is it hard to do, or it is easy ,i did changed many engines for many sedan cars but this is my first time to change van ,please let me know how can i do it in easy way if it possible, thank you ,wish you nice day.
After this vehicle sat for a bit and a new battery was installed, the Check Engine light came on and Autozone read the code as 0449. Their reported probable causes were a defective purge or vent solenoid, fuel saturated canister, or a failed evap vent solenoid. Can anyone tell me where the purge solenoid is? Is it on the fuel tank?

have ABS problem brake pedal boggs and go soft
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