2003 GMC Savana 3500 Questions

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sounds like starter not engaging, just a wiring sound. Computer analizer won't work on van
what should the fuel pressure and flow be? The vehicle runs and idles but has no power. Does drive but hard to accelerate or maintain speed. Codes are p0101 (air flow) and p0300 (misfire) I have replaced the MAF hoping for the simple fix with the p0101 but no change
I change the oil and filter on my box truck and was told by a auto parts sales associate to put 5 qt in, I did all that then the ck engine light comes on is that enough oil or something else is wrong?
My van shakes from the rear violenltly and the faster I go the harder it shakes. I've had all tires balanced an rotated and replaced the shocks.
how does the fan clutch come off is the nut right or left handed
I have already tried replacing the actual light switch. That is not the problem. When I get to a job my head lights will be on even when turned off. I hit the dash near the radio area and they turn off. This happens every time I drive to the next job. Any ideas. It is not the head lamp switch as stated above. Feel like the Fonze from happy days. lol
Tried a new battery and alternator and still the lights stay on
vehicle came into my shop very ruff idle.
i changed spark plugs,wires,and fuel filter. All were in very bad condition, thought this would solve problem unfortunately not. can anyone help.
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