1999 GMC Savana 3500 Questions

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Temperature gauge keeps going up and down
van will crank, run on ether, no power to fuel pump relay coil circuit,security light not flashing, fuel pump works
put in NEW starter. let idle, started shrieking again. didnt blow any fuses this time. (old starter stunk, wiped out.)
pulled alt. no "bad" smell / feel / sound.
no restart after driving 2 miles.
sounds like starter is getting power, with dog box off, but no turnover.
other accessories all spin / smell fine w belt off.
lost here. what causes a starter to cook itself, while driving, and simultaneously wipe out the gear shift indicator box? it only lights in park and neutral.
the whole time, volt gauge and everything else showed normal.

i dont think its just bolt ons. HELP!
something else?
cant afford downtime. this van is a work van. Thanks!!
The A?C and fan work fine
Do you have instructions for replacing fuel injectors?
How to install a fuel regulator?
This van has a sercruity system of some kind that keeps it from starting.When the light is flashing on the dash its not going to start. this happens once every two weeks. I have owned this van 10 years. I would like to disconect or by pass this system. Is this possiable. Thanks
If there is a small leak in the rdaiator can it be repaired or must it be replaced and what's the cost difference and time frame?
When we took it to Autozone, the computer said that there was a short in the circuit to the fuel pump. We replaced the fuel pump and bought a new relay but the van kept doing the same thing. Once we got it started, it would die and would be hard to start or when we would drive it, it would die and not start or would take a few minutes to start. Also if the van was parked for maybe three days or so, there seemed to be less problems keeping it running. would run for the whole day without dying. But, if we turned it off and then tried to start it again, it would die.
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