1998 GMC Savana 3500 Questions

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when going about 80 km/hr, speedometer is reading 180...engine seems to kick off...when speedometer drops the engine kicks back on with a big bang. This has just started and the vehicle is not hot or cold
It is also a diesel. It's not turning over and there is no fuel smell, could it be just the fuel filter or could it be something else. Thanks again.
is out. When engine is warm the light goes on and the transm goes from low to high gear.
car will not go over 35mph when light is out
when head lights on problem worse.also gear indicator flashes w signals.
3 Mechanics cant find whats wrong with 2 air conditioners in my 1997-98 GFMC Savana short school bus.3500.I bought the short school bus and converted it in to a vending bus by taking out all seats and put in cabinets shelving etc...There's one air conditioner of course that is part of the truck..the other hangs from the ceiling in the back ceiling..Both stopped working at the same time
I have to literally jump the battery in my bus everyday.It is a 1997-98 Savannah 3500 short school bus.I bought it and use it for a vending bus..I had to do that everyday for 6 months..NOT ONE mechanic could tell me why..I bought a new battery in April,2014 because some one told me the battery I had might have a bad cell.The guy who put it in for me put new cables etc so it is clean..its doing the same thing..I do not leave anything,like power invertors etc plugged in and my ice cream freezers are plugged into my house at night..
shifts good when it shift to the last gear it pulles back
Just had timing chain and gear-water pump-fuel pump filters-oil changed-and all work that involves with this fix.Befor all this work the vechicle quit like it ran out of gas and would not start.
Fuel pump died after tank ran low and put in gas installed an inline fuel pump and new fuel filter keeps stalling out and dieing on me . I dont know anything about auto repair have been told that it could be fuel regulator and return fuel line may be clogged need assistance
engine cranks but does not start,i have no spark at the coil
serpentine belt broke so I replaced it and the altenator had to be replaced also, now the speedometer either reads zero is is erratic and engine acts like it wants to die at around 25-30mph even though my foot is all the way to the floor it doesnt come back to life until it slows down to around 20-25mph and it keeps repeating this.
No evidence of coil or ignition module problems, new cap and rotor and wires and plugs. Does not appear that serpentine caused any other damage to wiring harness or sensors when it broke. What could be causing this?
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