2000 GMC Savana 2500 Questions

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First one speaker stop working than the other one
If I am on flat ground at 12-15 miles (65 mph), hiccups with loss of power. If trying to climb hill at 12-15 miles (35-40mph), loses power and stalls but starts right back up. Fuel pump and filter are good. Throttle body sensor has been changed. Open to suggestions...PLEASE
it says ignition control.high voltage.I replaced igition module.checked the pcm1 fuse and checked the wires.I replaced the pcm.but problem is van will start and shut off right away. i clear the code but it comes right back p1351
How do you get the old battery off of the metal plate?
How do you get the old battery off of the metal plate?
ones I start driving a little it cools down but only when I have the heat on high and on the vent only it used to run all the way cold till I replaced the thermostat but now after replacing the radiator its running hot hot
Biows heater fuse
I have to spray starter fluid into the air filter to get my engine to start
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