2004 GMC Savana 1500 Questions

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I have a picture of what I'm looking for however it is the plastic box that the blower motor is attached to as well as the 2 tubes that supply the roof vents with heat or a.c..
Twice my fuel gauge has rotated past Full. Today I went to a GM service dept with the gauge reading at 5pm when it should have been about 3/4 full. They did a diagnostic and advise the cluster of gauges had a problem. When I got back in my truck the gauge now read 3/4. I stopped and filled the tank and it is now reading full as it should. Service manager advised to drive it and see if it fails again and if it does we all know it is going to cost $513 to replace the cluster with a re-manufactured cluster with a short warranty and labor, all costs $513. I don't understand how hooking up the test equipment could reset the or have the gauge show the right fuel level. I love my truck and plan on keeping it for another 5-10 years as I only put on 5k miles a year and the truck has 60,000 miles now. Should I wait to see if it fails again or go ahead and get it replaced for $513.00. Confused on why the gauge changed by them testing the computer. thanks, JJ.
After I shut it off and wait a couple of minutes, I can restart it and use it the rest of the day. Turn it off, restart and drive for hours with no more trouble.
had it idling but would not rev up. Now wont start at all. Just turns over.New cap, plugs, crank sensor.
g 55 mph. The battery and alternator seem fine. It sounds as if it's starting but doesn't turn over. What could make this occur? I did hear a screeching sound a couple of days before this incident happened. I was starting the van for the first time that day...the sound disappeared when the vehicle warmed up.
turn ac off and it cools down
when pressing on the brake pedal the brake lights do not engage
Has there been a recall on the drivetrain or any frequent problems
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