2002 GMC Savana 1500 Questions

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Turns over about 30-40 times than fires once but won't start. Won't even fire on starting fluid.
Changed fuel pump fuel filter an crankshaft sensor drives great forward but I put it in reverse an dies an also when I turn it dies what else can it be
vehicle starts and afer a fabout a minute the security stays on steady. the driving lites come on but then go out. can't get into computer system to read codes.. checked hot lead & ground at diagnistic connector they are ok
Put in new starter and new ignition. After fuel pump and filter ran but would cut out. We had an oil change and we had to add over two quarts of oil while on a trip. What else can we fix to make it run?
where is the evap sensor located
our engine is on, we put water in and light is still on, we are ready to cross the grapevine, any ideas what to do?
when I turn the lights on the top and bottom bulbs come on, when I step on the brake the bottom bulb goes out. (the 3rd brake light works normally all the time)

when the lights are off and I step on brake the bottom bulbs come, they are dim though.

I can pull the fuse and everything still works as described. I believe its a ground problem, just not sure where to start.
hear starter but not turning over,
replaced starter spark plugs could this be the starter relay?
Why does the 25 amp power door lock / accessory fuse keeps blowing? From what I have read on the internet this seems to be a common problem in 1999-2003 models but i have found no solution.
Thanks, Ron
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