2005 GMC Safari Questions

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2003 GMC Safari
I understand this is related to the EBCM. Dealer tells me in excess of $1300 to replace. Read other blogs about some potential fixes. Trying to gather as much DIY info I can before shelling out the big bucks only to find it was some simple fix. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks..Lee
They come on without warning or any known reason and will stay on until I turn the switch off and back on. This will remedy the problem until who knows when. Sometimes 30 min., later or 2 to 3 days later. It varies and without warning.
location of fuel pump
I have no blower in the front. Every third Tuesday the blower comes on, but I can park, go in the store, come out, and the blower's gone again. I have ordered a new blower, but I wonder if there is another link in the system that may be the real culprit. Any suggestions? Also, do I remove the old motor from under the hood, or do I go in through the cab?
when i use my a/c or heat it will come out from the window vent and from the back vents but will not come when i put to blow on me useing front vents and it will not blow on the feet area just keeping blowing from the window vent and the back vents in the van
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