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I have replace the control module so that the ABS light is not on all the time but when I hit the brakes hard the brakes can grab or at high speed lock up in the back brakes - changing the electronic control module didn't make a difference except no light on now.
What could be wrong with my 2000 GMC Safari Minivan,2 WD? It has a PO175 code and a PO300 code from time to time. I have replaced a lot of things, but it still runs poor cold, better warmed up. Will drive down the road 80mph + but sputters, spits and bucks like a wild mule from 0-40 mph.
started out of the blue and is loping more than not???
The Dome lights work but the Digital Display is out..what (if any)
fuse would this mention of fuse for this in Owners manual!
will a 1999 factory service manual be okay for a 2000
Bank1 02sensor
My back door window hatch lock stopped working. so I replace the fuse and now when I replace it it sparks and burns before i get it in. now the door locks only work with remote access key chain. and some times when the fuse is put in and works the door locks electric mechanism keeps going on and off till the battery runs down. I also noticed when I do get the rear door window hatch to come up water pours out the corners. is this a common problem? are these vehicles known for this? can it be fix easily or inexpensively?
I have checked the fuses under the hood and behind the brake pedal, but do not find one labeled power locks. Everything else works fine.
security light wont go out while trying to start van.
Have excessive voltage drain at 50a "batt fuse" under hood. Wire tracks to under dash to convenience center. It is near impossible to pull connectors from blocks on convenience center so am looking for identification of connectors (wires) to help track where they go.
the horn fuse is good.
Where do i find the fuse or what is the fuse #?
I have an intermittent code 452. the service engine light will come on, check the code get 452. Without doing anything to vehicle the light will go out in couple days. No code. then couple days later will come on again an repeat. Any thoughts. Also how can I turn off the module/switch that turns on the headlights when it is dark/dusk?
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